Bohemian Cocktail

In keeping with the Tales of the Cocktail inspired Molecular Mixology theme, I’m going to give you a quick cocktail that employs the technique of fat-washing.

Used popularly by esteemed colleagues in New York (see Tailor and PDT), fat washing is an easy way to add flavors to alcohol that wouldn’t have led to favorable results before this technique. Essentially, fat washing entails infusing high fat foods in alcohol and then freezing the alcohol in order to separate the fatty solids from the liquids. In this cocktail, I’ve used bacon-infused bourbon, but when it comes to this technique, the sky’s the limit (I’ve used popcorn-infused Cognac to good effect as well).

This cocktail was also submitted to that good Slovak magazine, hence the use of Becher’s Cordial, the sponsor of that issue.

Bohemian Cocktail

1 ½ oz bacon-infused bourbon
½ oz Cordial
4 dashes cherry bitters
stir all ingredients with ice
strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Bacon-Infused Bourbon

slow-cook two pieces of bacon
place bacon (along with fat) in a jar with 10 oz Bourbon for at least six hours, shaking occasionally
remove bacon
place jar into a freezer overnight
strain out solid fat pieces
filter bourbon through a coffee filter

The honeyed texture of Cordial practically screamed at me to add this to my bacon-infused bourbon, and indeed it did pair nicely. Cherry bitters were a nice foil to the sweetness of the cordial, but Angostura would work just as well.

Try experimenting with different types of bacon, the one that I used for this cocktail was cherry-wood smoked, (hence the addition of cherry bitters) but different types of bacon are sure to work just as nicely.

Stay tuned, as there will be one more molecular mixology inspired “drink” before I go off to Tales.

Picture by:
Jamie Boudreau
Cocktail Whisperer


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~ by Jamie Boudreau on July 10, 2008.

10 Responses to “Bohemian Cocktail”

  1. Are the cherry bitters a Boudreau special, as well?

  2. I’ve never seen Becher’s cordial before- is that stateside?

  3. I love Becherovka, though- with a good tonic and fresh lemon on the rocks.

  4. Jason:
    They are a Boudreau special and the recipe can be found on my site, or by following the link in this post.

    To the best of my knowledge, Cordial is not in the States, both bottles were sent from Czech.

  5. hi jamie
    i use this technique for make “salmon gin”infuse,”tuna”infuse,swordfish infuse,cheese infuse,pecorino infuse,in my book- barchef and molrcular mixologist- i have many drinks with thats infuses
    thanks for your tips
    DArio Comini-nottingham forest milano italy

  6. […] the “cocktail whisperer.” On his website,, he serves up a Bohemian Cocktail that pairs cherry cordial and cherry bitters with bourbon infused with bacon that was smoked over […]

  7. I have no chance to get Becher’s Cordial here in Dubai. Any idea for a substitute?

  8. Dominik:
    Really there are many amaros that will work in this drink. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that is a perfect match for the cordial: it is quite unusual.

  9. […] Spirits and Cocktails Like the majority of people, you might have daydreamed regarding all the different points you can add bacon to. Below’s a brand-new one. This alcoholic drink is made with homemade bacon-infused bourbon. Discover the dish right here. […]

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