Every Dogfish Has His Day


(or, Beer With Me One More Time)

On what will most likely be my last post regarding beer liqueur, I give you a new creation with an old beer liqueur, the pumpkin ale. I wasn’t going to post about the beer liqueurs anymore, for as I’ve stated earlier, the possibilities with this development are endless, and I could probably spend the next two years experimenting and writing about this one topic. The cocktail that I’m about to present, however, was just so darn tasty, that I felt that it needed to be shared with the world, as I put it on the same scale as my Nirvana cocktail when it comes to personal enjoyment.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

1 ¾ oz Rittenhouse 100 proof bonded rye
¾ oz Carpana Antica
½ oz Cynar
¼ oz pumpkin ale liqueur

stir and strain into a cocktail glass
garnish with orange twist, if desired

I find that the bitterness of the Cynar compliments the silkiness of the pumpkin liqueur, and just when you think you’ve gotten everything that this Dogfish has to offer, the backbone of rye slices through, reminding you that this world we live in isn’t such a bad place after all, no matter what’s going on over in the Middle East, or how much laundry you have to do.

Pictures and drink by:
Jamie Boudreau