Repeal Day Alert!

December 5th is rapidly approaching, and for those in the know, this means Vessel’s annual celebration of Repeal Day.

This year we are planning a much bigger celebration than last. As Prohibition was repealed at 2:32 PST, Vessel will be opening a bit early this year, to coincide with that all-important time stamp. We also have some interesting drink specials going on: $2.32 Stella Artois (beer was being shipped from breweries within minutes of Repeal, as the only way you can make near-beer is to make the real deal first), and $2.32 Monmousseau Brut Etoile (as this is about celebrating, one does need bubbly). I’m trying to get in touch with my Dewar’s rep, as they have been heavily campaigning for Repeal Day with a number of commercials, so that we can do a cocktail special with them (Presbyterians, anyone?).

Because just doing drink specials is a little boring, all the staff are dressing up in 1933 garb, and encouraging our guests to do the same. How are we encouraging them you ask? Well, anyone who comes in dressed to the period will get 33% off of their bill (Prohibition was in 1933, in case you were wondering why 33%). We are hoping that we get a lot of people dressed up, as everyone wearing fedoras and stoles, with big band and 30’s jazz playing sounds like a heck of a good time to me!

As the final coup de grace I’ve procured an unopened bottle of bonded Prohibition bourbon, which we are going to crack open at 5:32 pm and sell by the ounce. That’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, at 5:32 a sealed and stamped bottle of Pebble-Ford Kentucky bourbon, distilled in 1917 and bottled in 1931, will be sold at the cost of $40/ounce. Come in period dress, and it becomes substantially less. If that alone isn’t reason enough to come, perhaps the thought of your picture getting taken alongside an original 1933 newspaper declaring the end of Prohibition while sipping your once-in-a-lifetime bourbon will clinch the deal!



I hope to see you on December 5th, and in case I don’t, mix yourself a nice variation of the Presbyterian, and toast the good boys who helped end nearly fourteen years of drought.

PRESBYTERIAN (Boudreau-style)
2 oz Scotch (let’s use Dewar’s today)
2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
2 oz spicy ginger beer (I use home-made)
2 oz ginger ale
build in a Collins glass
smile and consume

Pictures and drink by:
Jamie Boudreau


~ by Jamie Boudreau on November 25, 2007.

12 Responses to “Repeal Day Alert!”

  1. Too bad I live in the opposite corner of the country. It sounds like you will be having an awesome celebration. I’m definitely taking that day off though. I’ll have to make myself a Presbyterian.

  2. Must. Resist urge. To drive up from San Francisco. Mind strong. Liver weak! Gah!

  3. […] And, if you’re here in Seattle, Jamie also has BIG plans for December 5 at Vessel — check out his site for details. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Next One’s a Biggie”, url: […]

  4. Wow, that’s a pretty awesome bar promotion. I am very impressed with the balance of pr and class that are lacking so much in bar events these days. The bottle is awesome, wherever did you find that?

  5. Robert:
    Wish you could come….
    Ebay is an excellent source for all things bar related. It just takes time and money (unfortunately I have more time than money….)

  6. Jamie – indeed a fascinating and inspiring promotion!

  7. I grew up in Seattle but I’ve never been to a bar there – I wish I could remedy that on Repeal Day! I have a nice set of paste diamonds and everything…. Instead I’ll raise you a glass of Four Roses, practically the only bourbon in Europe, from my temporary home in Switzerland, where anybody who suggested outlawing beer or schnapps would probably still get beheaded with an actual sword.

  8. Brilliant! I tried in earnest to get the night off so that I could come up and join you in a sip, but sadly I’ve been relegated to schlepping, wiping, mopping and shaking.

  9. Oh man… I wish you weren’t so far away, or that repeal day was on a weekend. I even have the outfit.

  10. Ooooo! Sounds like so much fun! Our celebration isn’t going to be quite as extravagant as yours (bonded Prohibition bourbon!) but the ladies of LUPEC Boston will be raising our glasses here as well at Green Street in Cambridge! We can have a cross country toast!

  11. […] meant to evoke the 1930s, tipping back period-appropriate cocktails, martinis in teacups and the occasional shot of bourbon, let’s not forget what a really fucking bleak time Prohibition was in many ways. I […]

  12. excellent! Sadly, I sold all my vintage clothes long ago, so I’ll be showing up in slightly-outdated work wear, but my heart is in the right place 😉 and I’ll be there!

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