Aude Man Thyme

Spring is slowly rolling around the corner over here in the Pacific Northwest. I am aware of this fact not so much by the calendar or by the occasional appearance of the sun, but rather by the more accurate barometer of my itchy eyes and sneezes (ahhh hay fever, how I missed thee). With spring approaching, the ensuing changes on my cocktail list reciprocates, going from heavy brandy, calvados, and whiskey cocktails to lighter fair with gin, pisco, tequila and wine.

I’ve had the opportunity as of late to work with Fat Bastard wines in developing a cocktail program using their product. Most people think of wine as a product that should be consumed straight and often forget that some of the best cocktails in the world have wine as an ingredient, in the form of vermouth, port and/or sherry. Well, Fat Bastard wants people to be aware that there is more to wine in drinks than sangria and as such chose chose four cocktails to promote this spring in hopes of getting more people to see wine in a new light.

You’ve already experienced one of the cocktails that I’ve created for them with the Incan Gold. Now we will explore the other three over the next couple of days, starting with the:

2 oz Chardonnay
1 oz gin
2 sprigs thyme
1 oz peach puree
shake all ingredients with ice
fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass
garnish with sprig of thyme
If in season, muddle ¼ of a peach with ¼ oz simple syrup
(instead of puree) in shaker and then follow other directions.

This is a wonderfully light beverage that almost demands to be consumed on a warm spring patio. The peach and chardonnay play nicely and hold hands while the thyme gives the whole play date some interest.
Stay tuned over the next couple of days and I’ll share the other two recipes.

Drink and pictures by:
Jamie Boudreau



~ by Jamie Boudreau on February 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Aude Man Thyme”

  1. Frickin’ beautiful shot Jamie. Is that photographed on the floor? 🙂 Have you been using external lights or just touching up the levels in Photoshop?

  2. Rick:
    Thanks. It is photographed on the floor, and I almost always adjust curves in Photoshop before posting.
    This picture was taken on the floor by the front door as the sun was streaming in. I have about a 45 minute window when this happens on the very rare day that it is sunny outside.

  3. […] decided to give it a whirl since I had some thyme lying around after trying out Jamie Boudreau’s Old Man Thyme – […]

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