I’m taking a small trip in two weeks to check out some of the newer bars in New York, and then for a stint in Kentucky to learn a little more about my favorite spirit: whiskey.

I’ll be staying in Louisville for a day and then off to visit Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam and Buffalo Trace (home to some of my favorite whiskeys of all time). Any suggestions for bar hopping while I’m in Louisville? The Seelbach is a must, but after that, I’m stumped.

Below is a neat little video about bourbon, with our favorite authors, David Wondrich, Paul Pacult and Dale Degroff. A fun little video for those just getting acquainted with bourbon. (Try not to cry when you see all of those smashed bottles of booze)

~ by Jamie Boudreau on March 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Travellin’”

  1. have fun Jamie as a native New Yorker very much into the bar scene, I recommend Death & Co (of course) Tailor (my favorite) the recently opened Elettaria and of course PDT, Pegu, Milk And Honey, Angel’s Share etc .

  2. I’ll be in Louisville next weekend for a few days, so I’ll let you know if I find any great cocktails! I am staying at the Seelbach (for a craft distilling conference) so I’ll definitely be starting there.

  3. Hi again, I had a very mixed experience with cocktails here in Louisville. I’m leaving town in a few hours, and did my best to scope out the scene. Definitely go to the bar in the Seelbach. In fact, I’d recommend trying the Speakeasy Select bourbon & rye there, which are the house blend and can’t be found in any area stores (not sure if its truly for the house or a rebottling of something, but its good either way).

    And definitely go to Proof on Main. I went there twice, and both times was (relatively) impressed with the gents behind the bar and the drinks. Be sure to check out the men’s room (even if you’re a lady… one way mirror, actually) or the attached art gallery. Great bourbon in lots of places, that’s for sure! When in doubt, stick to bourbon.

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