Look! Up in the air…

…rumors are flying.

I had wanted to deal with this after my posts regarding NY and Kentucky, but seeing as it is taking me forever to write those, and this unfortunately needs to be dealt with now, here we go:

1) I will be working at Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco from the 26th to the 29th of this month. (Make your reservations now, it’s a small room!)

2) I am friends with Murray. We get along famously. We also bust each other’s balls. That was what I was doing when I wrote this. That was what he was doing when he said:

3) I am opening a vodka bar. This is not true. This will never be true. That was the point of Murray’s “rumor”. It was so far removed from what I do and believe in and so ridiculous as to test the very fabric of space and time. One would have to be extremely gullible to believe such a statement (which, apparently, many of you have) or know absolutely nothing about me. It is either that, or Murray is such a master of words and guise that he has duped you all into believing the absurd. Either way, he was trying to have the rumor get back to me so as to bust my balls. It did. It has. Good job.

4) I left Vessel because I wasn’t getting the media support that I so love and crave, and I was upset that I was being labeled the second best bartender in Seattle. Again, thank you Murray, it appears the ball is back in my court.
I have an ego, but it is nowhere near that big. I left Vessel due to monetary issues and a change in ownership. That is all. I wish them the best, for if Seattle needs anything, it is more devoted cocktail bars. I left a good team behind, and I know that they’ll do well. The whole second best bartender rumor began with my posting of what I thought was a funny story while I was bartending for one of Murray’s regulars.

5) I am working on a business plan and trying to attract investors. This is slow and tedious work, as I am a perfectionist and am trying to cover all angles while at the same time learning about laws and permits in the state of Washington. In the meantime I am in talks with a couple of people to do some consulting/part time work in order to pay bills. I will dole out more information when papers are signed and agreements are met.

I think I heard the recess bell go off, so I’ll meet you all by the swings so we can finish our juice boxes.

Bourbon & Branch
San Francisco



~ by Jamie Boudreau on May 16, 2008.

9 Responses to “Look! Up in the air…”

  1. Best of luck Jamie, keep everyone updated and you’ll have our support, I’m a fan for life just on the strength of learning from you how to make different types of “caviar”…

    will a book ever be coming?

  2. Oh, I feel like such a pawn…

    (Seriously? People believed the vodka bar rumor?)

    Cheers, Jamie, looking forward to meeting you.

  3. […] – It has come to my attention that my deadpan delivery of the vodka bar rumor may have confused some folks. Allow me to point out […]

  4. What about the rumor that you’re going to be deported? I’ve heard that from a couple of people. Seriously. You should start more interesting rumors about yourself!

  5. Ha! An excellent roundup. See you on the 26th!

  6. Deportation? Sounds like inspiration for a “Snowback” cocktail.

  7. Ha! Just as we suspected. Someone fell prey to Murray’s deadpan delivery. Vodka bar…….hahahahahahahahaha!

  8. I for one, thought that if anyone could make a vodka bar in this country interesting, it would be you. Color me disappointed (said with a deadpan delivery).

  9. This just in: The Food network will be creating a mixologist version of the show “Trading Spouses.” Jamie will be tending bar at a roadhouse in Lubbock, and in turn, Elrod Tiberius will be slinging shots at Vessel. Episode 1 debuts March 30th. Must-see TV!

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