MxMo: New Orleans (Ambrosia)

Having just arrived back home from Tales, I was extremely tempted to offer the following for my Mixology Monday, New Orleans themed “cocktail”:


18 oz slightly chilled water
4 Tylenol extra strength
1 can Red Bull
1 bottle Gatorade (any flavor)
place two Tylenol in mouth and follow with chilled water
place the remaining Tylenol in mouth and follow with Red Bull
sip Gatorade as you scavenge for food: STAT!

Fearing that our congenial host Paul Clarke, might not have approved, I thought better of leaving you with the above recipe, and began to research something more befitting of the New Orleans cocktail moniker. Trolling the hazy depths of my besotted memory for drinks consumed in the past week, and realizing that someone, somewhere was going to discuss the Sazerac, Ramos Gin Fizz, Vieux Carré, Hurricane, Pimm’s Cup, French 75, Brandy Milk Punch, and/or the Café Brûlot, I decided to crack open the books and dig up something a little different (hopefully).

From Stanley Clisby Arthur’s, Famous New Orleans Drinks & how to mix ‘em, we find the Ambrosia. Our good author goes on to say that “Ambrosia is popularly supposed to have been the drink concocted by the Greek gods on Mount Olympus, and was calculated to put sparkle in Grecian ladies’ eyes and hair on Grecian gentlemen’s chests. At Arnaud’s, one of the better French restaurant’s in New Orleans’ Vieux Carré, a modern version of the Mount Olympus is served. We have it from the proprietor, Arnaud Cazenave (“Count Arnaud” to his familiars) that the ambrosia he brews is one the lovely Hebe might well have served Juno, Jupiter, Ganymede, and the balance of the Olympus crowd. We who have sampled it agree.” It should be noted that Jupiter is actually a Roman god and that our dear author had meant to say Zeus, but because this potation is just so darn tasty, we’ll forgive the transgression.

Gather about the following ingredients and elevate yourselves to the status of a Grecian god(dess) by having your servant concoct this fabulous nectar, befitting of a palate as noble as yours:


1jigger (1 ½ oz) Cognac
1jigger (1 ½ oz) applejack (I used Laird’s 100 proof Apple Brandy)
1 dash Cointreau
1 lemon (juice only) (½ oz)
Mix all but the champagne and pour into a thin 6 oz glass. This mixture will half fill the glass. Pour in the champagne to the brim. Drink while sparkling.

Full of winter flavor, but brightened by the addition of lemon and champagne, it is easy to see how the Ambrosia was a hit at Arnaud’s, regardless of the season. Hopefully the bartenders at their French 75 Bar will one day tire of making (incorrect) French 75’s (they use cognac, which makes it a French 125) and begin offering their guests this lovely concoction instead. I won’t hold my breath.



Picture by:
Jamie Boudreau
Cocktail Whisperer



~ by Jamie Boudreau on July 27, 2008.

8 Responses to “MxMo: New Orleans (Ambrosia)”

  1. I’m very familiar with the Pain Pain Go Away, having had many of them in the mornings in New Orleans. Great entry Jaime…you almost made me spit out my hurricane.

  2. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. This truly seems ambrosia like but where does on procure Laird’s 100 proof? The washington stores only stock the 80 proof Laird’s. Will the ordinary Laird’s work here or would it be better to use something like say Calvados?

  3. evilbusdriver:
    Laird’s 100 proof is difficult to acquire without the help of the internet. 80 proof is what the original recipe actually calls for and a hearty Calvados would go nicely as well.

  4. […] Hurricanes to Red Bull: Jamie Boudreau of Spirits & Cocktails demonstrates his fondness for mixing with jet fuel in the Pain Pain Go Away, a mixture he regularly […]

  5. Jamie,
    Your liver is essential to your trade; that is too much tylenol! You are not getting any additional relief from more than 2 extra strength tabs. Substitute a multi-vitamin for the second round of the pills.

    Scott, MD

  6. There was a 7-11 across from my house when I lived in Seattle that housed my favorite hangover cure. The fountain soda machine had Gatorade and Mtn. Dew on it, so I’d get the biggest cup they had available and fill half with gatorade and half with Mtn. Dew. Always seemed to do the trick. That and the two jumbo spicy hotdogs covered in chili and cheese I’d also purchase from said establishment…

    I’ll have to try to Ambrosia when I’m at work on Tuesday. Looks good.

  7. Jamie,

    I would love to try this cocktail. Problem is, I can’t find applejack anywhere. This is the most frustrating thing for me. There are lots of cocktails I would like to try but can’t find the ingredients. Benedictine, applejack, maraschino liqueur, etc. I know I could order online, I just hate paying more in shipping then the actual spirit is worth. I might just have to bite the bullet. When I do get my hands on some applejack, this is the first cocktail I will try.

    Greg in Lethbridge

  8. I’m pleased to know this was written in ’08.

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