Let Me Be! There’s TV That Needs Watching!

You’ve bitched and you’ve moaned and I’ve finally acquiesced. You may notice, to your right, that there is now an index of posted cocktails. If you want to search cocktail recipes by spirit, just use the Categories section, also to your right.

I’ve tried to ignore the emails so that I wouldn’t be stuck with the extra work, but dammit, you wore me down.

I hope you’re all happy; I’ve just missed the Daily Show.

~ by Jamie Boudreau on July 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Let Me Be! There’s TV That Needs Watching!”

  1. One word. TiVo.

  2. your blog’s simply the best, quality everywhere!
    here’s one in return, from a fellow amaro-fan:

    equal parts (4 cl) of grappa, zucca rabarbaro and rosso antico
    stir and strain, serve with (sicilian) lemon twist

    might do while watching tv…

  3. Don’t think we don’t appreciate all of your hard work.

  4. Love the Daily Show. And the Colbert Report. Can completely sympathize!

    Sent you an email to your hotmail address but worried it got stuck in spam – hopefully you received it!

    Lovely site, Jamie!

    all best,

  5. Clearly you need to reorder your priorities…your readership is first, personal life second.

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