Chatelaine & DH Krahn

Over the next number of posts we are going to explore wine-based cocktails and, when possible inject tasting notes of various spirits. Today’s example explores the Chatelaine, using white wine and DH Krahn gin.

DH Krahn gin

This gin has a close place to my heart, not because it is distilled here in the United States, but because one of the founders, Scott Krahn, is a BC boy, hailing from Kelowna. While my opinion was going to be leaning in the direction of favoring this gin due to our Canadian ties, I found that I did not need to use my bias when judging this gin.

DH Krahn is a perfect example of how one doesn’t need to distill 3-5 times to get a smooth spirit. Using a Stupfler System Alembic (the only one in this hemisphere), they distill their gin only once, and then age it in steel barrels for a  period of no less than three months, further mellowing the final spirit.

Tasting Notes:

Immaculately clear in composition, after nosing, this gin shows that it is light on the juniper, preferring to offer up notes of citrus and light forest/botanical aromas. Upon tasting, one is greeted by a medium-bodied spirit that is sweet and viscous, with the juniper finally showing up around mid- to late palate. As I usually find with most gins, making this “Navy Proof” by bumping up the alcohol to 44-46% would probably do this spirit wonders. Overall this is a fine specimen to fit into your lightly junipered category of gins.

Now that we have a gin to use, why don’t we make a:


2 oz crisp white wine
1 oz gin
½ oz elderflower liqueur
1 oz pomegranate juice
¼ oz simple syrup (if unsweetened pomegranate)
shake all with ice and fine strain into a cocktail glass

I’ve found that wine based “cocktails” make excellent aperitifs as well as being a good tool to keep your alcohol consumption down over the course of an evening. One can now enjoy twice the number of these “wine-tails” as cocktails with the effects being equal. One could almost put them back like Nick and Nora Charles with seemingly little effect!

This wine-tail is light and fruity, which is sure to please the châtelaine in your life, and the rich red hue will seal the deal, if the anti-oxidants from the pomegranate don’t.



Drink and picture by:
Jamie Boudreau
Cocktail Whisperer

~ by Jamie Boudreau on October 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “Chatelaine & DH Krahn”

  1. Nice picture, honey.

  2. Jaime we just tried this tonight and it is delicious! It’s going on the menu for my next dinner party.

  3. A great pity that a product by a Canadian…and one with the same last name as myself at that…is not marketed in Canada!!

  4. […] is a wine-based cocktail of recent vintage, which as near as I can tell was invented by one Jamie Boudreau. While I can’t say I approve of his use of diacritical marks when naming his drinks, I am willing […]

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