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Be aware that most product reviews done on are done on provided samples. I do not accept money, nor do I offer advertising at this time. If you send a sample, I will taste it, and if I deem it worthy of writing on this blog, on other websites, or in print, I will do so. There are no promises.

If I do not like a product, I simply won’t write about it. This ensures that the worse case scenario for both you and I is that I might have to taste a horrible product, and you might not get press for the cost of a bottle and postage, but you can rest assured that I simply won’t waste the time and effort to write about inferior products. There are too many products/subjects for me to write about without wasting my time on unwelcome liquids.

So there it is, if you still want to send me a sample, email me and we’ll get the process started.

For everyone else out there who is curious, if I’m writing a review, or suggesting a product, assume that I’ve been given a sample (although this is not always the case), but rest assured that I have not been paid in any way, shape or form to write about the product. I write about what I want and will never be swayed by a company to offer an opinion that is not my own.

Please keep in mind that while I am a career bartender, I have also been an ambassador for St. Germain since 2009, but long time readers of my blog will note that I was singing the praises of St. Germain well before I was asked to work for them.

Again, I cannot in good conscience recommend a product that I don’t truly feel good about.

This is my pledge to you.

Jamie Boudreau

51 Responses to “Contact”

  1. I like the new site, good to see new posts.

    Have a great day!

    Darcy O’Neil

  2. Hi Jamie,
    not sure if you got my last email. We would love to use one of your photo images for a school poster for a party- the raspberry flip picture. Please contact me and let me know if its possible. Thanks a lot. Ruth

  3. I would like to invite you to join an online conference of drink bloggers: Drink. Blog. Talk 2007. It will be held between September 22 and 29, 2007 and anybody who blogs about alcoholic drink is invited to take part. I have not been able to find a contact email on your site so, if you are interested, please contact me at japanesewhisky at and I will send you out an invite. If you want to find out more about who I am, I blog at about Japanese whisky. The idea for the conference came out of a discussion between myself, Kevin Erskine (of and Jeffrey Morgenthaler (of on a thread at Kevin’s blog. I hope you will be able to take part.

  4. G’day Jamie, nice drink site, I do miss all the test cocktail you used to drop into the kitchen! Hope life is good in Seattle Vessel loks pretty cool. I’ll come by someday….

  5. Jamie, I was wondering how speared fresh raspberries hold up as a garnish in a cocktail. Once immersed will they bleed into the drink? I have in mind lighter spirits based cocktails. Thanks.

  6. Walt,
    I almost never put garnishes in a drink, but rather will place or balance them on the rim.
    The one exception to this would be the twist, but I consider this more of an ingredient than a garnish, as it usually changes the taste profile of the drink.
    In answer to your question, the level of ripeness in the fruit will greatly dictate the level of bleeding. If unsure, place one raspberry in a half ounce of vodka, watch and wait.

  7. Thanks, Jamie.

  8. Hey, I see you got a mention in this article about the resurgence of using eggs in cocktails.


  10. Carol:
    I’m afraid that I do not know of the drink that you are referring to. My specialty is classic cocktails, and twists on those cocktails, and as such I’m not really familiar with the “trendy” drink of the second. Also, my bar rarely stocks the ingredients needed to make the flavor of the week, so on this subject I’m really out of the loop.
    Good luck!

  11. Hey Mr. Boudreau,
    Could you make a cool WebClip touch icon for those of us that want your site on our iphones? As of now we only get the front page clip. If you have one or know someone who has an iphone go to and save it to the Home Screen on the iphone. Then you can see what a cool Webclip they have. Hoping you can…

    PS: Still working on the Boudreau Bartenders Guide. (tentative release date..2009)..but I’ll only have one copy.

  12. Jamie –

    Great site, love the photos. Good stuff!!

    I was curious if you’ve had a chance to try a fairly new Gin on the market called Death’s Door out of all places, Wisconsin? Its widely available in WI and can be found at your finer dining and cocktail establishments in the Chicago area (Violet Hour). Many have stated that this Gin is what they believe to be the closest thing to a Pre-Prohibition Gin that is currently in production today. This sweet gin is made from only three botanicals (fennel, coriander, and juniper berries (which are picked wild)). The company’s website is

    This company might be on to something… The Gin is fantastic in a Martinez, Gin Fizz, and Gin Sling.

  13. Looking for a Mixologist in the Miami area for a waterfront bar/restaurant. Anyone interested please email

  14. […] Anyone needing a bartender, consultant, menu designer, or just needing to empty their wallets of a bit of cash in order for me to start my own bar, drop me a line. […]

  15. thank you for this wonderful blog. I think I’m in love


  17. Roberto here from the Lobby bar at One Aldwych London UK, if you passing to London come and have a drink with us.

  18. Hi…….Mr.Jamie
    Gin is my favorite drink too!! , i have question for you if make caviar can i put on it stock chicken soup for make caviar.what do you think…?
    I need you answer.
    by.wong indo

  19. Wong Indo:
    I can’t see why it wouldn’t work……..

  20. great site,
    but i prefer with more molecular mixology,
    thanks for your time

  21. Just curious…

    Will your cherry bitters turn cream into a cement mixer? because Fee’s certainly does… (and cherry heering too 😦 )

  22. McSorley:
    I don’t have any cream on hand, but they worked fine with milk….

  23. Hello. I know Vessel got their glassware off ebay, but where did you find yours? Those coupes are phenomenal and I am looking to purchase some for an upcoming gathering. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

  24. Alison:
    Both Vessel and my own supply of glassware came from combing through local antique stores and, of course, eBay.
    Good luck!

  25. I sent you the pictures, I hope your as excited as I am about the bottle. It is definately unique. Enjoy! By they way I tried your version and it was great! Now I know what all the hub bub was about! : >)

  26. I would like to get the ingredints and health benifits from Mr. Boston Egg Nog made with blended whiskey. Thank You

  27. Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here

  28. Вообще, откровенно говоря, комментарии тут гораздо любопытнейсамих постов. (Не в обиду автору, конечно :))

  29. Занимательно и полезно, а будет еще что-нибудь из этой же серии?

  30. Hi:
    I would like to know if or when bottles of the Forbidden Fruit liquor will be available?

  31. Can you tell me where i can buy Amer Picon in australia or a supplier in europe or the UK.

    Thanks Dean

  32. Dean:
    I live in the US and don’t work for Amer Picon, so I don’t have a clue of whether it is available in other countries. Go to your local cocktail bar and ask the bar manager there for best results.

  33. ola jamie admiro muito seu trabalho, sou do Brasil
    se quiser fazer uma visita ao meu blog

    grande abraço

  34. I just took over a small gourmet grocery store in Delaware and I am looking to start a “Bar Selections” section where I can sell things like quality tonics, bitters, and mixers. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them. JCSHEHAN (at) Ya Hoo (dot) com.

  35. We need to get in touch with Jim Meehan to discuss some punsch issues. We can’t find his email. Do you know it??
    Regards Tomas Landskog




  37. Tomas:
    I would try the PDT website.

  38. James:
    Anything on is great as is Q tonic, Fever Tree and Fentimans. Hope that gets you started…

  39. Hi, i have 2 cigar shaped old mr. boston whiskey bottles, they are sealed and have never been opened. they look like they are old and was wondering if they would be worth anything! Thanks Jim

  40. Jim:
    It really depends on how old they are. If they were from before prohibition then they might be worth a little. If post prohibition, then worth what you would pay in a liquor store now. Email me a picture and I’ll take a look.

  41. Hi,

    Just read that there’s such a thing called barrel aged cocktails. Would really love to know what you know about this, how it came about, how it’s done et.c I think that should be your next article!!!



  42. Nice Site , Just wondering if your remember singing LION SLEEPS TONIGHT in a Volkswagon Bug in and around 1988? If so long time no talk brother. Looks like you are doing well for yourself. Send me a line.

  43. Where do you purchase all of your bar tools and supplies?

  44. Jaime! Don’t want to be a negative nelly, but did you change the mobile layout of the site? Not a fan, but I love the old one! Just sayin,…

  45. Hahahahahahaha, this politics related YouTube video is truly so comical, I loved it. Thanks designed for sharing this.

  46. hey…what’s up with the bounced check???? I sent in a rebate and got a $3.00 check..I cashed it and it bounced!!! I got charge for a bounced check fee!!! What’s up with THAT????

  47. Hey Jamie, it’s darkgrape from facebook. Just was hoping you would check out my new cocktail recipe index at , and maybe you would like to add it to your listings? Thanks, St Germaine is like MSG, it makes anything taste great!

  48. hi jamie ,i was wondering if u help ,ive just invented a new cocktail drink ,how do i do on about sell it or recipe

  49. Jamie: We have a drink mixing/physics question: We did a shake of kahlua and vodka using a few ice cubes ( about Zero F) and then poured into a plastic double walled frozen (also about 0 F) martini glass; About 5-7 seconds after the pour a very quick flash wave occurred over on the surface of the drink. If you blinked you would miss it. Fascinated we immediately repeated the process from scratch (new ice, new frozen glass, new ice cubes) and got the exact same result.
    It appeared to be a thermal induced reaction – there appeared to no “ice” layer but it could have formed and then unformed in the matter of a partial second. Any ideas what that was?

  50. Ray
    There is a chance that its the layer of ice that was on your glass floating to the top and melting.
    I can’t remember the last time that I shook those two ingredients and I don’t have a double walled glass so this is all speculation.

  51. Jamie- This one is worth studying and trying to repeat. The phenomenon is so visual that it would be a superb bar pour trick.

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