Molecular Mixology

The episodes of the Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess that I appear in are beginning to be aired. These episodes (three in total) show myself and Robert having some fun making some cocktails using some very basic techniques of molecular mixology.

I puposefully chose three seperate cocktails that anyone with access to a half decent grocery and liquor store could do. The Rosewater Rickey (already described on this site) is made first, followed by the Vessel 75 (also described on this site) which will be on the next episode. In this second episode, one learns how to make foams the easy way (just eggs, no other stabilizers).

In the final episode, I do a fun twist on the Aviation, with violette caviar. Here, I show you how to make caviar without any chemicals (remember that this is supposed to be easy, anyone can do it, molecular mixology). The only downside to this episode (other than the fact that you have to listen to my ugly mug) is that the caviar sat out way too long and started to melt, so I don’t think it will show up too well on the camera. Oh well, at least you will get the idea.

Click on the Cocktail Spirit to watch the episodes.

~ by Jamie Boudreau on June 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Molecular Mixology”

  1. Fantstic video! The bruleeing must look very impressive in a bar at night! It sounds like a great way to bring out some interesting flavours too. Where did you get hold of the Atomizer thingy?

  2. Thanks Jay.
    The flame does indeed look good at night, it stops conversations every time. Another bonus is that you can smell the cherries and Angostura bitters cooking and caramelizing the sugar.
    The Atomizer can be found in almost any half-decent kitchen supply store. They are usually used for olive oil in salad dressings.
    Jamie Boudreau

  3. Jay, if you check the “Product Links” area under the video, you’ll see that I’ve added a link to one of the spray pump atomizers being sold on Amazon, but as Jamie says, you can find them at most kitchen stores.

  4. Hi Jamie, I found the atomizer, but can’t get the intense red flame shown in the video. How on earth do you manage that. I’m getting a yellow at best slightly orange.

    The drink tastes fantastic.

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