Art of the Cocktail

Art of the Cocktail is rapidly approaching. Don’t know what it is? Click here and/or read below:

A two day festival celebrating
the art, craft, and tradition of the cocktail.

November 7 & 8, Victoria Arts Connection – 2750 Quadra Street

The Art of the Cocktail opens the door to a world of elegant spirits: great classics, the fresh trend, the established players, niche bitters and the artisan, small, regional distillers.

Seasonal. Gourmet. Micro. These are all words that apply to making sophisticated culinary cocktails. True mixologists worry about the shape and size of ice, the quality of their bitters and finding the perfect balance of flavours. They tinker with dehydrators to crisp garnishes, smokers to lend complexity, flavour syrups, and these masters of the bar whip up fresh fruit purees, house made grenadine and raid the kitchen for exotic ingredients. The Slow Food movement has invaded cocktail hour.

Modern, elegant, expertly crafted and above all thoughtful are the styles that have come to define the best cocktails. Learn the alchemy of how to make and appreciate a proper cocktails. And then one day, with a little luck, you’ll be able to order or create a perfectly crafted Manhattan, Sazerac or Sidecar.

~ by Jamie Boudreau on October 31, 2009.

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