The Tasty Awards

While I normally don’t blog about my media attention or accolades, this one is just too cool not to mention.

As some of you may know, I’ve filmed a number of episodes regarding cocktail technique for a show we dubbed Raising the Bar for the Small Screen Network. Most of you are familiar with this webcast production company’s work via Robert Hess’ The Cocktail Spirit. It appears that both of our shows have been recognized by The Tasty Awards, which is described on their website as such:

What are the Tastys?

“There are the Emmys, the Grammys, the Oscars, and finally, the Tastys.”

Food, Fashion, Drink and Style, these themes have been the focus of entire cable networks, online hubs, mobile channels, and blockbuster films. They’ve launched chefs, restaurants, designers, celebrities, vacation spots, hotels, wineries, events and products … sometimes all at the same time. They’ve entertained us at home and on the job, and helped us aspire to make our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.

The Tasty Awards were originally conceived and announced in 2008 as part of the first New Media Tastemakers Summit in San Francisco. The goal was to recognize and acknowledge outstanding excellence in video content focused on food, drink, fashion and design.

These beloved categories dominate a large portion of video / television viewership – as well as advertising spending and sponsorships — and yet they do not have their own awards for achievement . Until now.

Hosted by food and travel television star Zane Lamprey of “Three Sheets” fame (FLN), the show features a star-studded lineup of food and fashion TV celebrities, including Tyler Florence (Food Network), Joanne Weir (PBS), G. Garvin (TV One), Tanya Holland (Food Network), Leslie Sbrocco (PBS), Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library TV), Marcy Smothers (Radio), Novella Carpenter (Author), Anita Chu (Author), Dominique Crenn (Food Network – Next Iron Chef)), Brian Solis (New Media Guru), Marissa Churchill (Bravo, Top Chef), and more.

After years of planning, we present to you the Tasty Awards for outstanding food & fashion programs on television, in film, and online.

It appears that Raising the Bar is a finalist in the categories for Best Drink or Beverage Program-Web and Best Single Topic Series. Mr. Hess and Natalie Bovis-Nelson (Inspired Sips) are also up for awards, making every cocktail oriented program on the Small Screen Network a finalist for this event!

Here’s hoping that they seat me in between Anthony Bourdain and Meryl Streep!


~ by Jamie Boudreau on November 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Tasty Awards”

  1. Umm. Awesomesauce. Will Pleepleus be there?

  2. congats on the nomination! does that mean you will be posting more molecular mixology educational videos in the near future?
    im sure im not the only one wanting to ask this!!

  3. +1 for Rick T’s question.

  4. Gentlemen:
    We will have to see….


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