Xmas Scotch

It’s getting to be that time of year again, so I thought that I’d give you some ideas for Xmas presents for that Scotch drinker in your life. Without further ado:

Talisker 25-Year-Old (SRP $199.99)
This highly praised, award-winning single malt is matured in American and European Oak refill casks and is an extremely limited release.

Brora 30-Year-Old (SRP $399.99)
This single malt whisky is vatted from a mixture of American Oak and European Oak refill casks. This 30-Year-Old malt is indisputably from the makers of Brora whisky, yet in an attractive, softer guise.

Caol Ila Unpeated 10-Year-Old (SRP $59.99)
This rare edition natural cask strength single malt is the fourth limited release of unpeated Caol Ila whisky but the first that’s been aged for ten years. Caol Ila Unpeated 10-Year-Old whisky is made from a batch produced only once a year from unpeated single malt.

Lagavulin 12-Year-Old (SRP $74.99)
This limited edition is the eighth of a series of special 12-year-old releases from the original distiller’s stocks. Lagavulin 12-Year-Old is a natural cask strength single malt whisky vatted from refill American Oak casks.

Port Ellen 30-Year Old (SRP $369.99)
This whisky is a limited edition natural cask strength single malt, the ninth of a very rare series. Annual allocation of Port Ellen ensures availability of this irreplaceable malt for just a little longer.

Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve (SRP $209.99)
This single malt is one of the last remaining traditional distilleries where the whisky is entirely handcrafted. Not typically sold in the US, Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve is an extraordinary find.

Talisker The Distillers Edition (SRP $79.99)
Talisker The Distillers Edition is the first of its kind to be released in the US since 1994 and is double-matured in Amoroso Sherry casks.

Oban The Distillers Edition (SRP $99.99)
Oban whisky is made using only the finest barley, malted to the distillery’s own particular specification. This single malt was double-matured in Montilla Fino wood, giving it a fruit-tinged elegance.

Lagavulin The Distillers Edition (SRP $109.99)
Lagavulin The Distillers Edition was double-matured in Pedro Ximenez Sherry wood casks. This whisky is a distinctive and distinguished dram, delicately balanced by the grape flavors from the Sherry wood.

Caol Ila The Distillers Edition (SRP $79.99)
This single malt is an extraordinarily stylish and complex double-matured expression of Caol Ila whisky. The Moscatel cask wood is not over-evident but richly flavored yet also finely balanced.

Dalwhinnie The Distillers Edition (SRP $74.99)
Dalwhinnie The Distillers Edition was double-matured in Oloroso Sherry casks, giving it a rich and spicy nose with a dry and oaky finish.


~ by Jamie Boudreau on December 2, 2009.

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  1. Are there any non-Diageo Scotches you’d recommend?

  2. Or those for the financially challenged Scotch Fancier?

  3. drinksnob:
    I don’t know, or care, who the latest owners of spirit companies or distilleries are: it has little to no bearing on the product for me. I was never one to attempt to keep up to date on the passing off of distilleries from one year to the next, and quite frankly am baffled when anyone attempts to attach meaning to such business transactions (unless, of course, it affects the liquid in the bottle). Diageo owns a lot: and I don’t have the time (or even care) to find out what they own (or don’t). You will be seeing a number of spirit reviews in the next month, and while the majority of the bottles were sent to me by various PR firms, I don’t have a clue who their umbrella companies are (or care, as it is irrelevant).

    If $59 SRP is too rich (and SRP usually means that you can get it substantially cheaper online) then perhaps scotch is not the spirit you should be looking at. 😉

  4. yeah i dont know if the royal lochanger is a diageo brand. But really all of your suggestions excepting above are from the classic malts collection from diageo. Why the allegiance?

  5. […] and proprietor of Spirits and Cocktails posted a gift list for scotch lovers, called “Xmas Scotch“.  I’m a researcher, and so I know the big liquor companies.  Every scotch on his […]

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